Ms E | Omaha Boudoir Photographer

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Ms E came to visit me at my Iowa boudoir studio from Omaha. In all reality, it's not that far for Omaha ladies. Just a quick 1 hour and 45 minute drive, most of it being interstate.  And no worries, you won't have to take any gravel roads. I love when clients travel a distance to get here. It tells me they truly love what I do and won't just settle for someone in their city.  Hell yeah! This is just a small snippet of all the gorgeousness we created that day.  So much more to come! Hair and makeup by the ever so talented Beauty By Jasmine

Tahnee || Iowa Boudoir Photographer

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I didn't want this session to end but holy hell it was freezing. October is supposed to be colorful and beautiful and warm.  The later of the three wasn't the case. We are talking 35 degrees with gusting winds.  I just wanted to grab her and hug her most of the session to keep her warm. She powered through though and in the short time we were together, magic happened.  I don't think these images would have turned out the same had it not been windy. I'm literally in love. And Tahnee is just one of those souls thats so damn nice, you have to question if she's real.  And then you snap out of and realize that she is whats good in this world.  Thank you babe for coming and spending the day.  You have an amazing spirit and I look forward to working with you again in the future! 

Hair & Makeup : Beauty By Jasmine

Ms A || Utah Boudoir Photographer

013Amy Cloud Photography Utah Boudoir Photographer.jpg

Um, hello gorgeous! This one is the definition of beauty and grace. She is kind, quick to compliment, and you can tell she just loves the hell out of her family. Seeing the adventures they have inspires me to hopefully be a "cool mom" one day.  I know I always say it, but g-damn, I have the best clients.  Every single one of them! The beauty on the outside is a given but the beauty on the inside is just unmatched! True story! Happy Thursday!   

Hair & makeup - Beauty By Jasmine


Cindy | Iowa Boudoir Photographer

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This woman is just incredible! She has been one of my biggest cheerleaders during my career and pretty much all throughout life! I am so grateful for her! She sent me such an amazing testimonial earlier today and I knew I had to share it as part of this blog post!  Thank you Cindy for sharing this with me! You definitely made me tear up and I feel so lucky to know you!! And girl, you are STUNNING!!!

"Well, here I am!!! 58 years young and still enjoying my life. I clean houses for a living, I have 3 children and 11 grandchildren. Who would have thought right? Love my family so much and my dear love, John. I want to share with you how my boudoir shoot went. When Amy let my know what day and time, I was like " okay cool" "no big deal" until I was driving to meet up with her. My heart was pounding so hard but I kept saying "I can't wait". I have always watched Amy's page with all of the beautiful people and thought, darn it Cindy, let's do this!!!  Older women are so beautiful too but we don't see it in ourselves until you look at that first picture. "WOW" I AM BEAUTIFUL!!!  My biggest fear, was not knowing what to wear, so thank you Amy for your help and expertise. The shoot was so amazing, creative, fun, sexy, thrilling, scary, the best time of my life. My favorite part about all this is how I felt with each picture that Amy took. I could see myself in the shots she showed me on her camera and felt more confident with every shot. I want all women to get out there, have some fun, and learn to look at themselves as beautiful. I have been showing my pictures to strangers!!! What??? I know, I am so excited about these photos and want other women to do it too. I got a couple of older women interested today! These make me want to cry and laugh because I can't believe how I look. Amy is so wonderful in helping you stand, positioning your hands or arms, and telling you how to position your chin so you don't get the double chin that we see every day. Amy Cloud, I love you so much and I am so forever grateful  for you helping me to feel and be beautiful and I would not hesitate for one minute to put every picture on Facebook or hang them in every room in my house. So tastefully done my love."

Ms S || Omaha Boudoir Photographer

I cannot begin to explain how much I love these photos! I traveled to Omaha a few months back and literally did a quick 20 minute shoot with this babe! Just unreal!!! I love the how many doors boudoir photography has opened for me.  I've visited so many amazing places and have met even better people. I swear there are at least 100 shots from this shoot I love so I'll totally be sharing more! 

Ms S || Iowa Boudoir Photographer

018Amy Cloud Iowa Boudoir Photographer.jpg

I recently traveled to Iowa City to meet up with my friend Stephanie who styled and put together this awesome shoot (thanks again girl) before we flew out for Ireland! She was definitely speaking my love languages when it came to styling this boudoir shoot! Pretty girl, fun colored hair, tattoos, funky and off beat location.  Oh and black... black lingerie is always a winner in my book.  Here's a small snippet from this shoot! Two more outfits coming soon! 

Ms A || Iowa Boudoir Photographer

Ms A. is one of those people that you just can't help but want to hug.  She has the perfect amount of sweet mixed with sass and I just adore her spirit.  She had done a shoot previously with me and I loved our time together so much I had to ask her to come and model for my Bare Boudoir Retreat.  The girls LOVED her and some of the images I've seen... holy shit she's hot.  I definitely have more to post from this shoot so stay tuned.