Cindy | Iowa Boudoir Photographer

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This woman is just incredible! She has been one of my biggest cheerleaders during my career and pretty much all throughout life! I am so grateful for her! She sent me such an amazing testimonial earlier today and I knew I had to share it as part of this blog post!  Thank you Cindy for sharing this with me! You definitely made me tear up and I feel so lucky to know you!! And girl, you are STUNNING!!!

"Well, here I am!!! 58 years young and still enjoying my life. I clean houses for a living, I have 3 children and 11 grandchildren. Who would have thought right? Love my family so much and my dear love, John. I want to share with you how my boudoir shoot went. When Amy let my know what day and time, I was like " okay cool" "no big deal" until I was driving to meet up with her. My heart was pounding so hard but I kept saying "I can't wait". I have always watched Amy's page with all of the beautiful people and thought, darn it Cindy, let's do this!!!  Older women are so beautiful too but we don't see it in ourselves until you look at that first picture. "WOW" I AM BEAUTIFUL!!!  My biggest fear, was not knowing what to wear, so thank you Amy for your help and expertise. The shoot was so amazing, creative, fun, sexy, thrilling, scary, the best time of my life. My favorite part about all this is how I felt with each picture that Amy took. I could see myself in the shots she showed me on her camera and felt more confident with every shot. I want all women to get out there, have some fun, and learn to look at themselves as beautiful. I have been showing my pictures to strangers!!! What??? I know, I am so excited about these photos and want other women to do it too. I got a couple of older women interested today! These make me want to cry and laugh because I can't believe how I look. Amy is so wonderful in helping you stand, positioning your hands or arms, and telling you how to position your chin so you don't get the double chin that we see every day. Amy Cloud, I love you so much and I am so forever grateful  for you helping me to feel and be beautiful and I would not hesitate for one minute to put every picture on Facebook or hang them in every room in my house. So tastefully done my love."