Ms A || Utah Boudoir Photographer

013Amy Cloud Photography Utah Boudoir Photographer.jpg

Um, hello gorgeous! This one is the definition of beauty and grace. She is kind, quick to compliment, and you can tell she just loves the hell out of her family. Seeing the adventures they have inspires me to hopefully be a "cool mom" one day.  I know I always say it, but g-damn, I have the best clients.  Every single one of them! The beauty on the outside is a given but the beauty on the inside is just unmatched! True story! Happy Thursday!   

Hair & makeup - Beauty By Jasmine


Ms B || Utah Bridal Boudoir Photographer

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Ms B is all beauty and grace! She booked her bridal boudoir session for my Utah studio and surprised her fiancé with a sassy little album on their wedding day.  I always love having clients come in with the intentions for giving this as a gift to their spouse but then realizing this is JUST as much if not MORE a gift for themselves.  Ms B was no different!  Thank you so much for letting me share these girlfriend! I am so in love with these! 

Ms S || Iowa Boudoir Photographer

018Amy Cloud Iowa Boudoir Photographer.jpg

I recently traveled to Iowa City to meet up with my friend Stephanie who styled and put together this awesome shoot (thanks again girl) before we flew out for Ireland! She was definitely speaking my love languages when it came to styling this boudoir shoot! Pretty girl, fun colored hair, tattoos, funky and off beat location.  Oh and black... black lingerie is always a winner in my book.  Here's a small snippet from this shoot! Two more outfits coming soon! 

Ms A || Iowa Boudoir Photographer

Ms A. is one of those people that you just can't help but want to hug.  She has the perfect amount of sweet mixed with sass and I just adore her spirit.  She had done a shoot previously with me and I loved our time together so much I had to ask her to come and model for my Bare Boudoir Retreat.  The girls LOVED her and some of the images I've seen... holy shit she's hot.  I definitely have more to post from this shoot so stay tuned.