Shoot For Yourself | Candlelight Boudoir Session

Amy Cloud PhotographyCandle Boudoir 004.jpg

Hey babes! Happy Thursday.  I wanted to share a recent session with you that I am kind of in love with.  I'll be honest, the lighting situation with this shoot was a little tricky.  I don't use studio lighting. It's just not my jam. I am a natural light girl all the way. My prime hours of shooting in studio (depending on the time of year) is typically between the hours of 10 am-4 pm.  I am in a boudoir photography group that has started doing monthly challenges and our first challenge was "Light Source". We had to shoot in a different type of lighting situation than what we normally do. And you know your girl wasn't about to go out and spend a few hundred dollars (on the cheap end) on a studio lighting set that she would never use again (okay I can't say never because who knows what the future holds).  As I brainstormed, I wanted it to be something that would push me and be a little tricky.  And not that  I was the first every to do a candlelight shoot but it was one of the first ideas to pop into my head.  I actually had a lot of these candles already, because you know, bitches love candles. Kidding...kinda. I picked up some tea lights a week later and got to planning. I really didn't know what to expect when it came to how I would light my subject and honestly, I chose to do these photos in my house like the day of the session vs in my studio.  I'd be fine right? Honestly, anything I've ever done creatively that was last minute ended up being some of my favorite shoots of all time. I'll definitely be adding this session to the list of favs. The editing was hard too. There were parts of the raw files that had a blue cast in one part of the image and then warm casts in other parts. If you know me as a photographer, you know I am picky AF about white balance and skin tones. I powered through though and am in love with how these turned out. My creative little heart is thrilled with this session. I hope you all love them too. Jasmine slayed it on hair and makeup!

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