Moab | Utah Boudoir Photographer

008Amy Cloud Boudoir Utah Boudoir Photographer.jpg

Oh Dani. This girl. She is magic. I really don't have a better word to describe her. She is confident, the nicest human being, an amazing mother, loves adventure, she's funny, sexy, caring. We shot these in Moab, Utah just out in the red rocks at a random location. As much as I loved taking these photos of her, I think I loved getting to know her more than anything. Nights on the patio, sipping wine, stargazing, sharing life experiences... hopes... dreams.  I just really am grateful for souls like her's.  Thank you for making this job of mine so damn wonderful my friend. I love you! Being a boudoir photographer has truly introduced me to some of the most amazing women. And a huge thank you to Hailey Boam for rocking out this hair and makeup! I love you too!