#SELFLOVECLUB | Boudoir Photographer


Will we ever be truly happy with ourselves? Will I ever be skinny enough, can't I just have straight hair, what about these 11's I got going on between my eyebrows? My feet are huge, and I have little moles dotted throughout my entire body. I'm shaped like a boy-no curve at all in my mid section because I have really long legs and the tops of my hips about run into the bottom of my rib cage. 

Ya know what though? Despite these things that society or the media wouldn't deem perfect, I am so damn happy. I have food on the table every day, I constantly get complimented on my hair, and these 11's I got going on are due to the hours of working spent behind my computer hustling while making a living doing something I love. My feet have carried me through so many amazing experiences and places and these little moles are cute and give my bod some character. I might not have a lot of curve to me but I am happy for long legs that help me to reach high and run fast.
My point is that we need to be better at loving ourselves and embracing our imperfections and or working on the things we can. I'll be honest though, you'll probably never reach perfection and that's OKAY! If you want to be over here with me being imperfectly perfect, I would love some new pals!