It Starts With Us

Waking up to the news about the Las Vegas shooting on Monday morning was such a shock! My first thought was "why?" Since then I've seen people duking it out on social media over gun control, hate for the president, racism... just craziness. We should be standing together and instead we continue the virus and spread hate. Calling someone an effing idiot because their opinion isn't the same as yours is just ignorant. Bullying and poking fun is just wrong. Why are we so quick to be assholes to each other? While I'm at it, the body shaming, mommy shaming, competition over appearance and materialistic things, bullying on and offline.... ugh! We have to stop. Everyone is resorting to prayer and while I'm one to send one up to the big guy here and there, the issue starts with us. I'm not assuming the guy who shot everyone had any of these things happen to him throughout life but it will be interesting to see his motives if and when they come out. My point is, prayer and gun control, and building walls and all the other yadda yadda will only go so far. It starts with us. We need to have each other's backs, we need to start being nice again. We need to bring humanity back. It's so simple... just be nice.

My apologies for dropping the F bomb. I use it when I'm passionate about something and I hope I got your attention. #befuckingnice