Are you ready to experience what it actually feels like to truly adore yourself? To love the skin you’re in and find your true feminine power from the inside out? To get out of your head and to follow your heart? To see that you are so much more than any moment or experience that has made you feel the slightest unworthy? We believe that one must truly learn to love herself before you can fully love anyone or anything else. Join well renowned Utah boudoir photographer, Amy Cloud & self love activist & sexuality goddess Kelbi Bailey for a self love retreat where we’ll uncover all of the things that make you the magical woman you are and teach you to love & appreciate yourself in ways you didn’t know possible. Join us this October and 5 other women in Southern Utah.

Dates: October 3-6, 2019

Location: Join us for an all inclusive experience in b-e-a-utiful St. George Utah. We will be staying in an amazing home reserved for everyone to stay Thursday evening-Sunday morning.

Investment Includes:
- Thursday night welcome dinner and cocktail party
- Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner Friday & Saturday, breakfast on Sunday
- Three nights lodging
- 2 full days of hands on goal and vision planning + self love exercises and sexuality exploration
- Boudoir photo shoot with Amy + professional hair and makeup styling by Kelbi (1,200.00 value)
- Morning meditation & yoga with instructor Myia Cox
- Energy healing and chakra realignment with Rhonda Hess
- Nature desert hike
- Access to our VIP Facebook group to help you plan & to stay connected prior and to continue learning after
- Swag to take home and continue your journey with afterwards
- Lot’s of information, newly formed friendships, and memories to last a lifetime
*** Not included- transportation to and from the retreat***

Investment: Option 1- One payment - $1500

Option 2- Payment plan- $500.00 down + 4 payments of 300.00


Meet Amy

I have been a photographer for 12 years now and for the last 10 I have specialized in working with women. I quickly learned that EVERY SINGLE WOMAN has had something(s) happen to them in life that has caused them to feel awful about themselves and has hindered their personal beliefs about themselves. My biggest passion in life is to help you let go of that thing(s) and to help you see that you are so much more than that defining moment. Too often we are influenced by the opinions of others but more so by the media. I say fuck them! It’s your turn to let your true self shine and i can promise you that when you embrace that and start to implement, your life will completely change.

What you can expect from Amy
- Vision board intentions, and goal planning for a happier, self loving future
- Discovering what past experiences have impacted you in a negative way and learning how to manage them and maybe even to let go of them
- Finding your superpower & what makes you amazing
- Being unapologetically yourself and never feeling bad for it
- Daily manifestation practices you can implement and carry on with after the retreat for a happier and more abundant life
- A beautiful customized boudoir session with gorgeous images you’ll get to cherish forever


Meet Kelbi

I'm Kelbi aka KK. I've been an esthetician for over 5 years and have been passionate about helping women find their beauty from the inside out. I realize that self care and self love play a huge role in our well being and happiness even more so than feeling good on the outside! I'm on a mission to help you find your POWER as a woman. When I found mine and embraced my feminine sexuality my life completely changed. I want to help teach you how to be the best version of yourself, inside and out. I'm so passionate about women finding their voice, their self worth and really learning how to love their bodies and how to embrace pleasure. I'm here to shed a new light on sexuality!

What to expect from KK
-discovering your sacred Power and femininity
- teaching you the tools to love yourself properly - mind, body, and soul, these tools will help you carry on your self care practices at home
-embracing your sexuality and all pleasures in life
- teaching you about your body, cycles, and self pleasure because I truly believe that your self love starts with literally loving yourself and understanding your body and hormones
-helping release trauma and barriers that are holding you back from living your best life
- helping you find your voice and your self worth to ensure you know what you want in life and aren't afraid to ask for it - teaching you about crystal healing and how to use crystals in your daily life
- discovering the importance to daily journaling and meditation

Tentative Schedule

Thursday: Afternoon check in and get settled into your room
Meet and greet dinner and cocktail party
Chasing dreams & setting intentions
Relaxation and night swimming in the heated pool

Friday: Morning yoga and meditation
Exploration and class with Amy & Kelbi
Evening hike on the desert
Relaxation and night swimming in the heated pool

Saturday: Energy healing and chakra realignment
Boudoir photo shoots
Exploration & class with Amy & Kelbi wrap up
Relaxation and night swimming in the heated pool

Sunday: Morning wrap up and goodbyes + tears


Should you have any questions, please email