I’m Amy, and I'm in the business of helping you to bring out your inner Beyoncé - Because we all have a little of her in us! Who run the world? GIRLS! I adore photographing human connection and I cannot even begin to explain my insane love for people and hearing their stories.  I believe boudoir isn’t just about taking photos; It's about an experience and it is my goal to help you understand that you are imperfectly perfect.

In the last 7 years as a boudoir photographer, I've discovered that every woman has been in a situation that’s dramatically and negatively defined the way they feel about themselves.  It’s my mission in life to help you forget about it and to help you see that you are so much more than that defining moment. You are beauty, you are strength, and dammit- you are a badass babe!

When I’ve put my camera down, you can find me out adventuring with the most amazing bearded man I get to do life with every day and our two perfect little pooches who I love as children.  I live for family, Mexican food, live music, camping, and cold beer. Wanderlust runs through my veins and I can never travel enough. I am so grateful that photography has opened doors for me to visit places in this world I'd never dreamed I'd be able to and more importantly, meet the people I have.